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Easiest Store Credit Cards to Get – 10 Store Card Reviews

– Today I will be talking
about store credit cards and how easy it is to get
approved for store credit. (dramatic music) If you don’t have the best credit, applying for store credit lines are some of the easiest ways to
get approved for credit. So before I get into these 10 easy-to-get store credit cards, if you
find this video helpful today, it helps me a lot if
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hit the subscribe button. I’m doing this video today because some of my most popular videos
and articles have been on store credit cards,
and I have compiled a list of my 10 favorite and
approved for.

I want to think everybody
that watches my channel, so I’m dedicating this video to you, the viewers and subscribers
of Credit Fast, thank you. I’ve been uploading videos
for just over a year now, and I can’t thank you
enough for your support. So if you’re watching this video today, you probably either have
bad credit, no credit, limited credit history or fair credit. And if you do, I have a Facebook group where I put different credit card offers that fit within those categories. And if you’re interested to learn more, you can find the link for that in the description of this video.

I will be talking about all
these credit cards today. If you have any opinions on them, whether they are good or bad,
leave them in the comments. As you know, if you’re a
regular viewer of this channel, the viewers are not shy
about leaving their opinions about how these credit card
offers have worked for them. So, if you have tried
some of the credit cards I talk about today, leave a
comment how it worked for you. And if there’s a pretty easy
store credit approval offer that I didn’t mention in this video, leave that in the comments below too, because I might do a part two. The first store credit cards
I will be talking about is from Walmart and Target. The reason I bring those up
is because for most people, it is probably the most
useful store credit card you could possibly have,
and the whole idea is if you are going to open
a store line of credit, you want to open a line to a
place that you go to regularly and usually for a lot of Americans, Walmart and Target are
popular shopping destinations.

And you get advantages with
having these store cards. As you know, from my past video, I have the Target Red
card and I just love it. Target will give you
5% off on the majority, and when I say majority, the
majority of all your purchases. It’s handy because you
get a discount right away. And they also offer different deals that you know about when
you’re a card holder. The next store card I want to talk about is the Express card. The Express card has
been one of the easiest store credit cards for many
people to get approved for. It is part of what’s known as the Comenity . For a couple of years
now you’re able to apply for the Express card
without a hard inquiry, if you follow the shopping
cart trick methods.

Over a year ago I used the
method, and it worked. I was using only the last four digits of my social security number, and I got a pop-up instant approval offer from Express credit card. I didn’t take them up on their offer, and you can see that about a month later they sent me a letter trying to see if I would be interested in
completing the application. I didn’t, but the thing about it is, for people that really didn’t
have good credit at all or no credit, the Express
card gave many people an opportunity for a line of
credit with no annual fee.

Now, in the comment
section, if you were able to get this card this way, let us know, and more importantly, if you
were able to do it recently. Because it seems like
the doesn’t work as easily
as this has in the past, and if you’ve had experience trying it, please let us know in the
comments if it worked for you. Some of these store credit
card offers are pretty lenient on their requirements,
but that doesn’t mean if you have a very low credit score that you’ll actually get approved. But if you have less than perfect credit, many of these store credit cards I will be talking about today will give you a chance to acquire new lines of
credit that you can help rebuild your credit score. The next line of credit that
I’m going to be talking about is a little bit different than the rest, and that is the Fingerhut Catalog, which an online shopping
website that allows you to buy name brand items online on credit.

Now, just to put a disclaimer out there, you usually end up paying a
little bit more and interest, but if you have really
terrible, horrible credit, usually with Fingerhut
you can get approved. And at least at this point
you can help yourself along, build some positive credit
history, and then at least be able to apply for some
of these store credit cards I’m talking about today in this video.

Another store credit card
I will be talking about is the Wayfair card, and this is an online furniture shopping site. And it used to be part of the
Comenity shopping cart trick. These days what I’ve seen is that you get a soft inquiry pre-qualification, and then after that if you
decide to apply for this offer, if you go through the
full application process, you’ll then be hit with a hard inquiry. If I’m wrong about this, let me know. Just let everyone know whether, if you get a hard inquiry or not. It used to be you
wouldn’t, but I believe now people get a hard inquiry
when they apply for this card. Even though Wayfair’s pretty
easy to get approved for, I don’t recommend it
unless you are actually in a place in your life
where you’re buying furniture or things to decorate your house. If you don’t, if you’re not
buying things like that, then it’s going to be a
pretty empty line of credit. One of the most popular store
credit cards reviews I’ve done on YouTube has been on
the Kohl’s charge card.

And what’s great about the
Kohl’s charge card application is that the first part of it is a
prequalification application. So you fill out the information,
what Kohl’s will do is, they will tell you the high likelihood of whether you will get
approved or not approved. And from that you can
decide whether to apply, and then most people have
received hard inquiries after they fill out that
part of the application.

Every once in a while I have people in the comment sections of that video say that they did not receive a hard inquiry. But generally you will
receive a hard inquiry. But, if you are pre-qualified,
it’s not a bad thing. Like I say, as long as you get approved, a hard inquiry isn’t so bad. And when you use your line of credit, you’re building credit, so
that offsets the few points that you lose for that hard inquiry. The next credit card
I’m going to talk about that I really like, and
I mean I really like, is the Best Buy Visa card. And that’s not a store card
that a lot of people mention in reviews, but I’m going to mention it because of my personal experience when I applied for this card. Now, everyone knows that three years ago I was rebuilding my
credit, and at that point three years ago, let’s say
three and a half years ago, I had one year credit
history with the Capitol One platinum card and that I
had two other credit cards with six months of history.

So really my credit history
at that point was limited. I applied for the Best Buy card, and I didn’t know whether
I would get approved for just the store card
or the Best Buy Visa card. And with just having that
limited credit history, I was approved for the Best Buy Visa card. And that is a great card
that offers 0% financing on electronics and different
items that you can buy at the Best Buy store.

And if you can get approved
for the Best Buy Visa card, that’s even better because
they will give you rewards on purchases outside of Best Buy. You get rewards on dining
and other things like that. So using Best Buy’s 0%
financing promotions has saved me so much
money, but you need to know one important thing, you have
to pay the entire balance of your purchase by the expiration date of the 0% financing deal. If you leave $1 one day past
the ending of that promotion, you will end up paying all the interest, the back interest that was accumulating for the term of the promotion. And that could be hundreds of dollars.

Interest on this card is high. But as long as you know that
and you pay your balances in full before the promotion offer ends, you will have 0% financing
and you will save. The next two store credit
cards I will be talking about is Nordstrom store card,
the Nordstrom Visa, the Macy’s card and the
Macy’s American Express card. These are your finer
department store credit cards, and they are for buying nicer things. And the advantage of
having one of these store department cards is that
this gives you a chance to have discounts on
these higher end items that people that are not card holders would not be having access to.

So the last store credit card I am going to be talking about will surprise you, and that is the Sears store credit card. Now, I have done a review
video on the Sears card in the past, and I was a
past employee for many years. So I really know how to
work the Sears programs and get really great
stuff at a great price.

With the Sears Shop Your Way MasterCard, you can use it outside of Sears and earn even more rewards. If you are worried about the
current condition of Sears, this a Citi-branded card, so
if something happens to Sears, you should be able to product change to another Citibank card. That’s what Citibank does anyways if you have a card for a year or more. If you don’t like your
Citibank credit card, you can choose a different
Citibank credit card. But if you don’t want the
Sears credit card at all, you can always sign up
for the Shop Your Way rewards program, it’s free to sign up, and it’s connected to your phone number, so you just type in your phone number each and every time you make
a purchase at Sears and it tracks your
purchases and then gives you reward credits back on future purchases. And this works really great in my family because we buy things at Sears, especially appliances and Craftsmen tools were some of the major things that we buy, but I even buy clothes at Sears.

This top I purchased at Sears. So I can tell you from my experience it is completely free to sign up. Once you’re signed up, it’s
tracked by your phone number. You just type in your phone number each and every time you buy something at Sears and all your purchases are
tracked and then you start to accumulate store credits. And I can tell you, and
this is completely honest, I have received hundreds of dollars in different store credits. So today I talked about the
10 if you don’t have the best credit. These are excellent opportunities to receive no annual fee lines of credit that can help you build
your credit score higher.

If you find this video helpful today, please smash that like button, and if you want to see
more videos like this where I review different credit cards, hit that subscribe button
and bell notification, and when I upload new
content, you will be notified. I appreciate it so much that you watched my entire review on the easiest
store credit cards to get, and they really are easy to get. And I wish you all the
best in building credit with these cards that have
basically no annual fee, but high interest, and make sure that you pay your balances in full
to avoid that interest. And if you do that, you
will have great credit and great deals on things
you would buy anyways.

So thank you so much, and until next time..

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